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New Opportunitites for Funding in Rome

Artists, painters, sculptors, composers, architects – new grants, scholarships, and fellowships are available that will help you improve your skills, add to your resume, and have the experiences of a lifetime. I’ve located new opportunities for funding in Rome and in various places in the United States – opportunities for funding for artists. These grants are competitive; for some you’ll need a portfolio; some are for students, some for postgraduates, and some for those with limited formal education. All of them are for people with talent.

Be sure and look along the side of the page for Resource Links where you will find more information, application forms, and requirements for these and many more fellowships, grants, and scholarships.

From Rome, you’re within easy reach of more than 2000 years of art and culture, from the architecture of the city to the art of the Vatican. You’ll be a short ride from Pompeii and a train trip from the museums and monuments of Florence and Milan. In the United States, these scholarships, grants, and fellowships will bring you time to create and opportunities to study under the best teachers alongside others whose talents and friendships will nurture a lifetime. So enjoy the list below and some of the earlier entries. Remember, we try to post weekly or as information is located and confirmed. Be sure to sign up as a follower and check back often to see other opportunities.

The first one listed here excited me so much I added a little more information about the possibilities. For any of you who have been to Rome or wanted to go to Rome, you will understand why this this is a wonderful opportunity. And on this funding, there are possibilities for historians, architects and more, so pass this on to other friends.

I hope this brings you even more luck for a brilliant art career.

(Note: This Award program varies from the others we list because it requires an application fee of around $35-$75. However, we have included it because the prize recipients receive a lot for this experience)
Rome Prize winners pursue independent projects, which vary in content and scope, for periods ranging from six to eleven months at the Academy.

Prize recipients are invited to Rome for six months or eleven months to immerse themselves in the Academy community where they will enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand their own professional, artistic, or scholarly pursuits, drawing on their colleagues' erudition and experience and on the inestimable resources that Italy, Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Academy have to offer.

Each Rome Prize winner is provided with a stipend, meals, a bedroom with private bath, and a study or studio. Those with children under 18 live in partially subsidized apartments nearby. Winners of 6-month and 11-month fellowships receive stipends of $13,000 and $26,000, respectively.

Categories are: Architecture/Design/Landscape Architecture, Historic Preservation and Conservation, Musical Composition, and Visual Arts.

We will be listing more information and guidelines in our future postings.

Architecture/Design*/Landscape Architecture

Includes: Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Set Design, Urban Design, Urban Planning, and other design related fields.)

Eleven month Rome Prize fellowships are available in architecture and landscape architecture. Six month fellowships intended for mid-career professionals are available in architecture, landscape architecture, and other design fields. Applicants for eleven-month fellowships must hold an accredited degree in the field of application. Applicants for six-month fellowships must hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in the field of application, and must have at least seven years of professional experience, and must be practicing in the field. Applicants should submit materials that best display their qualifications and experience in their field.

Historic Preservation and Conservation

Applicants may apply for either the six-month or eleven-month Rome Prize fellowships or both. The six-month fellowship is intended for those who may not be able to spend a year in Rome. Candidates are expected to be seasoned professionals, actively engaged in their fields, with enough experience and maturity to give them direction once they arrive in Rome.

These awards are intended for a broad range of individuals who work in the arts and humanities, from the conservation of works of art, to architectural design, to public policy in the management of cities. Applicants are encouraged to submit materials that best express the quality of what they do and how they think.

Jurors review a wide range of materials in this category and should be able to clearly understand not only the candidate's background but the candidate's philosophical approach to his or her work and the professional trajectory he or she is pursuing.

Musical Composition

Applicants for eleven-month Rome Prize fellowships in musical composition must hold a bachelor's degree in music, musical composition, or its equivalent.

Visual Arts

Applicants for eleven-month Rome Prize fellowships in visual arts must demonstrate at least three years of professional commitment and currently be engaged in studio work.

Humanities Guidelines
Click below for printable guidelines and instructions for applying.
Humanities Guidelines PDF

The Academy accepts pre- and post-doctoral applications for the Rome Prize in the following fields:

Ancient Studies
(through the sixth century)

Medieval Studies
(sixth through 14th centuries)

Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
(14th through 18th centuries)

Modern Italian Studies
(18th century to the present)

The Academy invites proposals in archaeology, history, the history of art and architecture, literature, and musicology. Note that these disciplines are intended to be suggestive, not exclusive.

Any humanistic approach, or combination of approaches to these areas will be given consideration. Comparative projects and projects that cut across the conventional and arbitrary chronological limits listed above are welcome and will be examined by jurors whose areas are involved.

Pre-doctoral Fellowships
The Academy offers 11-month and two-year pre-doctoral fellowships. Eleven-month awards are available in any of the fields listed above. Two-year awards are limited to projects in the history of art and architecture of any period.

Pre-doctoral fellowships are meant to provide scholars with the necessary time to research and complete their doctoral dissertations. Applicants for pre-doctoral fellowships must have fulfilled all pre-dissertation requirements by the application deadline. Applicants for pre-doctoral fellowships are encouraged to consider whether their projects are at a stage and of such a nature that they would benefit more from an eleven-month or two-year fellowship. Selecting one or the other option will have no bearing on the jury's evaluation of the merits of the proposal. Applicants may choose to check both options.

Post-doctoral Fellowships
The Academy offers eleven-month post-doctoral fellowships in the fields listed above. All applicants for post-doctoral fellowships must hold a Ph.D. at the time of application.

There are two types of fellowships: National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships, and Academy fellowships. Applicants for the NEH post-doctoral fellowships must be U.S. citizens or foreign nationals who have lived in the U.S. for the three years immediately preceding the application deadline.

Those applying for the NEH fellowships may hold any academic rank or be an independent scholar. The Academy post-doctoral fellowships are intended for scholars at an early stage in their professional careers. Therefore, applicants must have received their Ph.D.s within the prior seven years.

Those applying for Academy fellowships may be assistant professors, associate professors (appointed within the prior two years), or independent scholars.


Provides grants to artistsDurham, North Carolina
A project grant program that provides financial support to developing professionals by funding a project pivotal to the advancement of their careers as artists. Pivotal projects may happen at different stages of a career, therefore Emerging Artists Grants are not restricted to young or "unestablished" artists but for those who have been professionally involved.

Durham Arts Council's Office of Artist Services provides services for artists and arts organizations through DAC’s grant programs, exhibits, Durham Art Walk, and training and information. We can help you find the DAC program that will fit your needs or suggest other resources.

DAC offers three grant programs: Emerging Artists, Season, and Facility. Each program has a different mission, set of criteria, eligibility and timeline. Scan the guidelines to find the program that is right for you.

Exhibit Procedures/Call For Artists
Artist Services schedules 10-12 solo and special exhibits every year in the Semans and Allenton Galleries and holds an annual "Call for Artists" to select exhibits, in conjunction with the Durham Art Guild. For more information about the DAC/DAG Contact the Durham Arts Council - number below.

Durham Art Walk
Held in November and April, the Durham Art Walk transforms downtown storefronts, businesses and studios into galleries, concert halls and treasure troves.


Visit their website for a complete list of opportunities
Individual Artist Professional Development Program
The purpose of the Individual Artist Professional Development Program is to fund first time opportunities or activities that help artists further their careers.

Visit their website for a complete list of opportunities
Artist Fellowships
Fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina's exceptional individual artists. Fellowship awards are made through a highly competitive, anonymous process and are based on artistic excellence only. The fellowship awards bring recognition that may open doors to other possibilities and other awards.


Arts in Underserved Communities Grants (Special Projects Grants)
To improve planning, presentation, professional development and collaborations by awarding funds which are generally difficult for individual artists and new/emerging arts organizations to raise. This grant is for students living in the Virgin Islands -- and may be from the United States or other countries.

General Eligibility Criteria for organizations:
1. Must be in existence and active in the V.I. for a minimum of two years at time of application
2. The project must be V.I. based
3. Must have current, non-profit status registered in the office of the Lieutenant Governor
4. Must have a Tax Exemption Identification number
5. Must have submitted Final Report if previously funded by VICA

(NOTE: Organizations which have not received non-profit status (or are pending confirmation of non-profit status) may apply under an “umbrella” non-profit agency for a maximum of three years.)

General Eligibility Criteria for individual artists:
1. Must be in residence and active in the Virgin Islands for a minimum of two years at time of application
2. Must provide a resume when applying for funding
3. If project is to take place in or on a school campus, a letter of endorsement from school Principal must be submitted with grant application.
4. Department of Education applications must be endorsed by the Superintendent of applicant’s school district
5. Must have submitted Final Report if previously funded


NYSCA Decentralization Projects
The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), a state agency, provides decentralization grants (up to $5,000) for arts-related projects.
Deadlines: June 2 and October 1, 2010, 5 pm (postmarked or delivered)

This mini-grant program is designed to fund a broad range of arts and cultural projects through a process tailored to the unique needs of individuals and organizations in Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben counties. QuickARTS is administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes and funded by The Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc.

Individuals and organizations may submit proposals to The ARTS three times a year. Grants ranging from $50 to $500 will be awarded to community-based arts and cultural projects that are accessible to the general public and marketed in a way to grow audience participation in and around Chemung County.

QuickArts is a competitive grant-making process and applicants are encouraged to submit the strongest proposal possible. The ARTS provides technical assistance where applicants may discuss proposal ideas. The panel process involves an optional applicant interview where applicants can verbally strengthen their proposals by an informal interview with the review panelists.

To request an application or for more information contact Lynn Dates by calling 607-962-5871 x226 or emailing

Visit their website for a complete list of opportunities
Artists Resource Trust (A.R.T.)
The A.R.T. Fund was established in 1997 to provide New England visual artists with funds to develop new work. Individual visual artists living in New England and nonprofit organizations that wish to commission new work or purchase existing works by mid-career artists living in New England can apply.

McKnight Artist Residencies for Ceramic Artists
The McKnight Artist Residencies for Ceramic Artists Program is designed to provide national and international, mid-career individual ceramic artists an opportunity to be in residence for three months at Northern Clay Center, where they can develop their own work and, at the same time, exchange ideas with other artists.

Josh Greene, a 36-year-old artist and waiter, created Service-Works to bridge the gap between his art career and his service industry career. Each month he dedicates one night's worth of his tips to fund a project. When Josh is not away working on his own art projects, applications are accepted on the 21st of each month.

Springboard Emergency Relief Fund
St. Paul, MN
Started by artists, this fund helps meet the emergency needs of artists to cover an expense due to loss from fire, theft, health emergency, or other catastrophic, career-threatening event. Artist applicants living in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin, USA may access up to $500 to meet or defray unexpected, emergency expenses. Relief Fund payments are made directly to the business that the artist owes money, not to the artist applicant. Loans are also available.

Phone: (651) 292-4381

Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize
The Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize, established in 2002, is a biennial prize honoring the creative process, Creativity in Motion. This prize celebrates a visionary creative work in process, recognizing the power of original thought and expression in possibly enriching the world around us. The work or project must be under way at the time of application. This prize is open to all fields of creativity, including, but not limited to, the arts, cultural affairs, education and science. The award of $40,000 is available to U.S. citizens and can be used in any way the recipient chooses.

Threshold Foundation's Community-Based Solutions Grant
San Francisco, CA
Funding practical, grassroots solutions to building a sustainable world. Particular interest is given to localized, but widely applicable, solutions for energy efficiency, reducing consumption of natural resources, alternative and distributed energy, and innovations in local sustainable agriculture and food production.
phone: (415) 561-6400
Fax: (415) 561-6401

Ultimate Eye Foundation
Offers two grants of $5,000 each: one for digital photography, using both a camera and a computer to create images realistic or fanciful; and one for figurative photography celebrating the human figure using a camera and any photographic or digital techniques. Applicants must submit only their own work, be over eighteen years of age, and not a full time student at any college or university. Applicants cannot be related to any member of Ultimate Eye Foundation.

1534 Plaza Lane #356, Burlingame, CA 94010.

Utah Arts Council
Offers several funding opportunities including Community Arts Development Grants and General Support Grants for 501C-3 organizations. Professional and emerging artists 20 years or older, who have lived in Utah for at least a year prior to applying, are eligible for individual grants.

Utah Arts Council, 617 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


  1. The Rome Prize has been around for a long time. It takes only those that have been recognized for their work in a substantial way. This is not a casual opportunity, which is how you have represented it. Many people will waste time and money thinking they have a chance when in actuality very few are chosen.

  2. Karen,
    We've listed it because of friends who recommended local artists who made it all the way. It isn't meant to sound easy -- it has to be done professionally. We try not to share grants that may have costs associated with them, but the prize is pretty awesome. In the case of our friends -- they recommended a relatively unknown artist, mentoring him through the process. Hopefully that gives the edge that is needed. Thanks for your comment. For some reason it did not appear until now on my page.