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Newest Grants and Funding Opportunities for Those in the Arts

Here are more free funding grants and other possibilities for artists, photographers, writers, actors and musicians looking for free grant funds. This list includes some of the newest we've found. But there are many more including information on a Paid Fellowship for living in Rome for up to 8 months listed in the Resource Links in the right hand column. We keep adding funding possibilities as we confirm them.

Remember that grantmakers need you -- they must meet federal requirements to donate a certain portion of their earnings or their portfolio each year to maintain their tax-free status as a foundation or public benefit corporation. If you meet a foundation or donor's criteria, you should take the plunge. It's also useful to look at their recent grantmaking; it helps to know the kinds of organizations they give money to, the amounts, the timeframe, and the grant titles. You should also check the names of board members and staff, if they are available -- see if you know any of them, and if so, let them know you're applying. You're not asking for any special favors, but you are opening up communication channels.

We have been providing free grants and resources to all those involved in the arts. We want to see creativity rewarded and will post new grants and free funding as we find them. Some of the grants are for new art projects and others are sustaining funds. All the information we provide is free and from what we've heard, many of you have had positive results and are pursuing new art, music and writing projects that you would not have had the opportunity to try without a free grant. We've enjoyed your stories and notes and you've helped us learn what you want and need to know.

The best advice we can give is to look for grants that are a good match for your style and type of art and whatever criteria the funder is looking for -- especially if it is geographical. The organizations we list are easy to find on the web or in a library. And we recommend you apply for more than one, but be thorough and follow the instructions to the letter. Many grant applications are now downloadable and may be turned in via email or fax.

Others require several copies. Whatever their stipulations, follow them.That is the first screening of grants. As a grants reader and often the lead grant facilitator  for organizations in California and in other states, I can tell you, the first screening --that is matching the funding criteria to the application and proposed grant -- eliminates 25-40% of the grant applications. An easy way to help you is to create a file for each grant and then use some of the same requirements for other grants that may require that documentation (such as copies of your driver's license,IRS forms or your proposal, that is, how you plan to use the funding).

We know that not all of these are appropriate for everyone, but there should be some in this list and the previous lists that you may submit your application.

If you have never applied for a grant and need instruction on how to submit a grant, check our earlier post listed under link resources that gives you step by step directions for writing an effective application and proposal.  Remember to follow the directions carefully.

Getting a grant makes it all worthwhile.  We are in the process of consolidating all this information and putting it in book format -- but for now it is all free for you to use.  Let me know if you have questions.  I haven't figured out how to send the grants out under a weekly feed but hope to do so. Get free funding by applying for more than one grant.

Sign up as a follower and then check back often as we will try to post more grants weekly. And if anyone wants to be sure I email you the newest blog, you can also send your email address to let you know when I've posted some new information.

We hope you've found some useful information in our earlier blogs, but commit to making 2010 the year you make a difference to your work in the arts.

Note: At the end of the blog are a couple of short deadlines from the California Community Foundation and others you may want to check out. Not everyone will qualify to apply, but it is certainly worth it.

Virginia Commission for the Arts

Offers Visual Artist Fellowships, Poetry Fellowships, and Teacher Incentive Grants to Virginia residents.

Virginia Commission for the Arts
223 Governor St.
Richmond, VA 23219
Tel: 804-225-3131

Visual Aid
Visual Aid, an organization that encourages artists with life-threatening illnesses to continue their creative work, offers grants to visual artists with AIDS, cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses. Visual Aid serves professional visual artists in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. Grants take the form of vouchers for art supplies. In addition, Visual Aid's grantee services include volunteer studio assistants, career skills workshops, an exhibition program, a resume service, an Archive of grantee artists, and an Art Bank, through which grant recipients can receive donated art supplies.

116 New Montgomery St., Ste.
640, San Francisco, CA 94105.

Wallace Foundation
For more than a decade, The Wallace Foundation has worked to expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. As part of their funding program, they offer LEAP awards (Leadership and Excellence in Arts Participation). Grants are for nonprofits in the United States. Most grants are foundation-initiated but 1-2 page letters of inquery are accepted.

Two Park Ave.
23rd floor, New York, NY10016
Tel: 212-251-9700.

Walter &Elise Haas Fund
Grants in theater, music and creation of new works by artists in partnership with community organizations for collaborative projects. Open to San Francisco, CA and Marin County, CA organizations

One Lombardo St. Ste. 305, San Francisco, CA, 94111.

Women's Studio Workshop Grants
Offers funding for women artists to complete an artist's book, to work on individual projects, or to participate in their art ed program - most grants involve a residency at the Women's Studio Workshop.

Studio Workshop, PO Box 489, Rosendale, NY 12472. 845-658-9133.

Zellerbach Family Fund
Non-profit community arts organizations from San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda counties, representing the fields of dance, theater, visual arts, music, festivals, poetry, and publications, are eligible to apply. The Community Arts distribution committee funds mainly performance-oriented requests that represent contemporary, cutting-edge new work.

120 Montgomery St. Suite 1550, San Francisco, CA, 94104, phone: (415) 421-2629, fax: (415) 421-6713

Evergreen House
Artist-in-Residence Program at Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore Maryland

Evergreen House offers a two-month summer residency for visual artists living outside of Maryland. The program provides housing, individual studio and a stipend, allowing an artist the time and space to produce new work. The art produced during the residency will form the basis of a solo exhibition.

The artist-in-residence program was created to continue the tradition of patronage provided by Alice Warder Garrett to artists of her day, and to offer artists the opportunity to respond to various aspects of Evergreen's collections, architecture and grounds, in the process of creating new works of art. The lecture and the reception are free to the public. Admission to the exhibit is $3, which includes Bolton's artist's book produced by Evergreen House base on the exhibition. For more information, contact the program.


The Real (Art) World: Visual Arts Residency Program
The aim of this project is to broaden the experience and exposure of artists by providing unrestricted access to DiverseWorks' main gallery for the purpose of creating new work. The gallery will be subdivided into four "studio" spaces during the summer.


Center for Creative Photography
Visit their website for a complete list of opportunities
Ansel Adams Research Fellowships
This program is designed to promote and support research in the Center's photograph, archive, and library collections. Our goal is to promote new knowledge about photography, photographic history, and photographic theory. Through the Center's support of scholars, training of students, and marketing programs.
Some Grants and Scholarships are in the horizon, but few are available at this time. Check back with the school in the fall, but use this time to research whether you are interested in applying for the photography grants for 2011.


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Agape Foundation
Agape Foundation founded in 1969 is a nonprofit tax-exempt foundation that raises and distributes funds to groups and projects (not individuals) working for nonviolent social change in California. Agape provides seed grants, loans and fiscal sponsorship to organizations addressing the following six areas: Peace, Human Rights, Environmental Protection, Economic Justice, Progressive Arts, Media and Grassroots Organizing Support.

1095 Market Street, Suite 304, San Francisco, CA 94103, phone: 415.701.8707, fax: 415.701.8706

East Bay Community Foundation
 This consortium of Bay Area, Northern California (USA) community foundations is dedicated to increasing support to Bay Area individual artists. This regional initiative supports the artistic revitalization of outstanding arts teachers in Bay Area middle and high schools. Through this grant, fellows will design individualized courses of study that foster their own creative work and the opportunity to interact with other professional artists in their fields. This annual award to four Bay Area fellows, includes a complementary grant to each fellow's respective school.
(510) 836-3223

Fleishhacker Foundation
Grants in arts, cultural education, precollegiate education (individuals, painters). Open to California Bay Area/San Francisco schools, organizations, and individuals.

P.O. Box 29918, San Francisco, CA 94129-0918, Tel: 415-561-5350.